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Koyasu Takehito: A tribute to his talent and beauty

Hello. Welcome to the newest incarnation of my site. The first one was a general Weiss Kreuz fansite with info on the show and the seiyuu, my fics, a sizeable gallery, and, of course, my tribute to the lovely Koyasu Takehito. That site went the way of the dinosaur when I had a falling out with the friend that was doing HTML duty for me. The second page was nicer, with more accurate information, bravely reported to fans who may not necessrily know the latest on our favorite seiyuu. That, too, was a WK fansite. I'm still friends with the gal that was doing HTML for me on that page, but she has been too busy to update, and gave me her blessings when I said I would like to start up a new site on my own.

This is very basic, since I'm making it myself, and am quite the amateur when it comes to this stuff. It's not nearly as elaborate as my previous sites. It's just my little tribute to my favorite singer/seiyuu of all time. If you want to see my fics, some of them are on fanfiction.net. My pen name is Koyasu. (Yes, I am that much of a fan.) Others can be found at my friend Tsumi's site, which I have linked here.

Enough of my babbling. Enjoy your stay. ^_^


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